Your Trusted Supply Chain Partner

As a precision machining company we know it takes more than good machining to become and remain your trusted supply chain partner. Our business model focuses on customer service and delivering value. Our proven formula for acquiring and keeping loyal customers is based on these four fundamentals:

CUSTOMER NEEDS – Ease of doing business

Our commitment to meeting customer requirements goes well beyond part specifications. By understanding a broader spectrum of needs such as part use, timelines, quality, quantities, production schedules, communication preferences, and inventory management we make it easier for our customers to do business.

SYSTEMS & PROCESSES – Consistency and efficiency

Customer service standards, quality control (part specifications and company-wide audits), work flow management, and programming software are examples of the systems and processes we utilize to consistently achieve customer satisfaction.

PEOPLE & PARTNERS – Problem solving and accountability

Like our customers we rely on our people and partners to fulfill the needs of those who do business with us. The right people and the right partners are critical to delivering on our promises and creatively solving problems – yours and ours!

FACILITIES & EQUIPMENT – Quality and reliability

Many precision machining companies see this as the reason to do business with them. At Dalton, however, we understand that having the necessary warehousing, assembly & packaging facilities as well as state-of-the-art equipment, are the minimum requirements we need to compete in our industry. It is our unsurpassed expertise and commitment to your specifications and satisfaction that gains the trust of our customers. We actually deliver on what our competitors only promise.

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